John Jenkins Tipps started working about 1930 at the age of 17 at the cleaners in Levelland Texas. He married Mary Fay Cantrell on Christmas Day 1932. He was offered a job in Lubbock, Texas as a plant manager at Stinsons Cleaners for $15.00 a week. He worked there until the mid 1930’s, then bought half interest in Brays Cleaners. He sold his interests in Brays and bought Stinson’s Cleaners in 1939.

Then changed the name to Tipps Cleaners and Dyers. In 1942 during the war, Tipps Cleaners was dying clothes all over the U.S. and most of the Reese AFB Cleaning. They moved to Denver, Colorado after their third child in 1946, John G. Tipps. Fay Tipps got homesick and moved bagk to Lubbock, Texas. John J. Tipps started working as a sales representative for Butler manufacturing. He bought used equipment in his travels and stored it at 1919 ave Q in Lubbock. That is how Tipps Equipment was started by John J. Tipps in 1946.

Don Tipps, his eldest son, at the age of 12, started helping his father rebuilding equipment in their garage. The business grew with J.J. Tipps’s two other sons,Jack and John joining in the company later. Tipps Equipment was in Lubbock for 24 years and included territories of West Texas, El Paso,Mexico,New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Western Oklahoma. After Don Tipps’s untimely death in 1970, the company dissolved.

Jack Tipps opened Tipps Equipment in New Mexico and John G. Tipps in Amarillo then Dallas later. Jack sold his business to his son Tom Tipps and John now has his own business Clean Concepts, still in Dallas. I, Dan Tipps , son of Don Tipps started in the dry cleaning business at the age of 12, helping my father. After my father died I finished high school, then I went into the Military.

After the Military I was in and out of the business for the next ten years. I got back into the business in the early 90’s working for Tom Tipps in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I then moved back to Lubbock , to start where my father left off in 1970. I have worked very hard to provide good services and customer satisfaction. I am a distributor for several major brands of laundry and dry cleaning equipment.

Tipps Service Company Of Lubbock and Tipps Equipment Of New Mexico do not have a business relationship. RELATIVELY SPEAKING.